Psalm 50

Read Psalm 50.

Psalm 50 makes clear who God is and who we are. Which is helpful because in an effort to understand our story in light of God's story we must be reminded of who God is and who we are in relation to Him. We read that God is the Mighty One, that He rules over the earth, is the perfection of beauty, judge, and righteous. 

The next stanzas seem to prove that the Israelites had gotten a little confused about who they were - or what their story was. They, and we, are reminded that because the whole earth is His, God is not in need of our sacrifice. If He were hungry He wouldn't come to us to satisfy His need. It seems they had gotten mixed up in defining good and evil for themselves yet again - hating discipline, praising the theif, slandering their brother, and worst of all, thinking God was like them. 

God then (not so) gently reminds them of who they are. 
They (and now we) are not God. 
We are in need of deliverance. 
We have nothing to bring to God that isn't already His.
We are those who bring glory to our God.

Have you, like the Israelites, forgotten who you are in relation to our God lately?
Have you tried to call the shots yourself?
Have you believed that you could "wow" Him with something you brought before Him and attempted to earn His approval?
Have you thrown out His ways and made up your own?

He is God and we are not.

We are in need of deliverance and He has delivered. 

Praise God.

-- Emily Larzabal