Psalm 15

Read Psalm 15.

When I think of living with the Lord in His house, on His holy hill, I think of a big party in the Lord’s backyard. How awesome will it be to hang out at a barbecue in the Lord’s backyard?  I imagine the taste of delicious ribs and the amazing feeling of companionship with God and His family. 
Psalm 15 creates a picture of the life of a person who will live in the Lord’s home (v. 1), and be on His barbecue guest list. The psalmist says this person will always do right, speak truth from the heart, treat neighbors well, and stay true to his or her promises even when it hurts (vs.2-4).  Is this type of perfection even achievable?  When I think of my messy life, and my own failures, a blameless walk seems impossible.
Most of my life was concerned with achieving perfection (worldly success) in work, school, sports, and with family relationships rather than in righteousness before the Lord.  However, as life got more complicated, I began to fall immeasurably short of my idea of success, and into a place of despair.  Then Jesus Christ, and a few of His people (my coworkers) stepped in.  

I was confronted with the truth that Christ wanted to be in my life, to come close to me and even eat with me (Revelation 3:20).  He loves me so much that he pursued me, gave up His life, dying on a cross, so that I could receive His righteousness (1 Peter 2:24).  Jesus lived a perfect life, always did right, spoke nothing but truth, and stayed true to His promise even while enduring the pain of a horrific death on the cross (1 Peter 2:22-23).
The righteousness we receive from Jesus is the only way we can measure up to the life described in Psalm 15.  As we follow His example and become more like Him, we will not be shaken by ups and downs in this world (v. 5).  We have a loving Father who is inviting us into his backyard through His perfect Son, so that our joy may be complete.  Let us praise the Lord for His never-ending love and the invitation to be with Him!


-- Ryan Kernes