Just after Easter of this year, our faith family began asking the question: “What does it mean to follow Jesus?” Understanding that how we answer this question will profoundly shape our life together, we believe to follow Jesus is to be a community who desires to:

Be With Jesus

Become Like Jesus

Do What Jesus Did

In other words:

A follower of Jesus is someone who has responded to Jesus’ invitation to be continuously in His presence with the aim of inheriting His character and imitating His actions.

Over the next season, our church family endeavors to re-imagine our rhythms and our life together to better orient ourselves towards these goals. Our hope is to proclaim Jesus in our city until he cannot be ignored as we follow him in our everyday lives. The message below serves as a kind of road map for where we hope to go in the coming months (even years) as a faith family.*

We also had a conversation on our podcast, The Christ City Cast, discussing what it means to “follow Jesus.”

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* We owe Bridgetown Church, in Portland, OR a debt of gratitude for this framework which has influenced our faith family.

Our first “habit” to help us be with Jesus, was the ancient practice of Silence and Solitude—the habit of being quiet & alone, to be with God. Below you will find teachings, practices and resources to help you cultivate this vital habit in the life of faith.

A series of practices to help cultivate the habit of silence and solitude, all centered on scripture and meant to encourage us to “be with Jesus.”

Books to aid and guide as you integrate the habit of silence and solitude into your life.

While we should certainly take responsibility for our growth and maturation, becoming like Jesus is not just another self-help program. Rather, it is the transformative and regenerative work of the Holy Spirit as we become more Christ-like. To become like Jesus is to become more fully human—to rightly relate to God, to others, to ourselves and to the world.

“…let us live up to what we have already attained.” - Philippians 3:16

We believe that to “become like Jesus” means to learn to rightly relate to God, to others, to ourselves and to the world around us in the way that Jesus did. We also believe this won’t happen by accident. While the process of becoming more like Jesus is not entirely up to us, it is not entirely passive either. Here you will find a few daily, weekly and even seasonal “practices” to help you partner with the Spirit in His transformative work in you.

Like books? Like to read? We’ve got you covered.

To do what Jesus did, is to participate in God’s Kingdom. It is to accept the invitation to co-labor with God, to cultivate a good world and to join in with what God is doing, here and now. Doing what Jesus did means loving God and loving others well in tangible and ‘real-life’ ways.