A Faith Family

As we recognize how our stories are defined by God’s Story - revealed to us by the Spirit through Scripture – we find identity, purpose, and joy. God’s Story forms us as people who are distinctly God’s.


Aware of Jesus

The church is neither a building nor a meeting. We are the church. Alongside one another in our homes, workplaces, and neighborhoods; we exemplify Christ, share the gospel, and depend on the Spirit. Today, in the ordinary, we proclaim and participate in the extraordinary! 


Cultivating a Good World

We are a church that has been placed in East Dallas for a reason. We desire to look like our neighborhood, with all of its diversity. Sharing life with purpose: cultivating culture to flourish in the powerful renewal and restoration of the gospel.




Gospel Communities

Participating in God’s Story through Gospel Community is what it really means to be a part of Christ City. Gospel Communities are the primary environments in which we, together, grow up in Jesus as ambassadors for Christ in our neighborhoods, as well as our strategy for ongoing ‘church planting’.




Christ City is a family committed to meeting regularly as a collective of Gospel Communities to worship the Father in the Spirit through the Word, songs, prayer and sacraments. We actively remind one another of God and His Story, as we seek to love, follow, and live like Jesus in our everyday lives.