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 Ezekiel is one of those books that is best read in chunks. If you try and take it verse by verse you will miss the pacing and repetition that is meant to help convey the message, plus you’ll just get even more confused! So, what follows is a reading plan for meditating on the book of Ezekiel, alongside John’s gospel, that is designed to keep a healthy trot as we prayerfully learn about, discuss and respond to God’s Word.

Our suggestion is to spread out the reading over a week’s time, say Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday for example. Each session representing a different day or time of engagement. The intent is for you to set aside 30-45 minutes of reading time for the Ezekiel portions and 15-20 or the John portions. You may want to take on a few more minutes of reflection.

We also suggest watching the overview videos of Ezekiel form the Bible Project team several times each. This too will help you from getting lost in the forest because of the trees.

Remember, as you read the texts, ask the questions the prophet was hoping his listeners would ask. This will help you stay engaged within the text. Afterwards, ask the same questions of your (our) life, this will help you stay in the Spirit of the message.  


When reading, try and answer:

  1. What inconsistencies are being pointed out?

  2. What specific ideas, actions, attitudes, expectations, etc., are being called to repentance? And, what is being encouraged to hold on or do instead?

  3. What / who is being judged? Why and how?

  4. Where is there hope, and where does it come from?

When reflecting, ask for the answer:

  1. What inconsistencies am I living with? (Relationally? Ideologically? Behaviorally?)

  2. What do I need to let go of and cling to?

  3. Where is the cross of Jesus bringing justice in my life?

  4. What / who am I hoping in? And, how?



  • Session 1: watch Ezekiel Part 1 & read Ezekiel 1-3

  • Session 2: read John 1

  • Session 3: read John 2

Week 2

  • Session 1: read Ezekiel 4-7

  • Session 2: read John 3-4

Week 3

  • Session 1: watch Ezekiel Part 1 & read Ezekiel 8-11

  • Session 2: read John 5

  • Session 3: read John 6

Week 4

  • Session 1: read Ezekiel 12-18

  • Session 2: read John 7-8

Week 5

  • Session 1: watch Ezekiel Part 1 & read Ezekiel 19-24

  • Session 2: read John 9-10

  • Session 3: read John 11

Week 6

  • Session 1: read Ezekiel 25-32

  • Session 2: read John 12-13

Week 7

  • Session 1: watch Ezekiel Part 2 & read Ezekiel 33-39

  • Session 2: read John 14-16

  • Session 3: read John 17

Week 8

  • Session 1: read Ezekiel 40-43

  • Session 2: read John 18-19

Week 9

  • Session 1: watch Ezekiel Part 2 & read Ezekiel 44-48

  • Session 2: read John 20

  • Session 3: read John 21